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Specialty PVC Flexible Couplings


Dallas Specialty & Mfg in addition to Standard PVC Flexible Coupling also offers several Specialty PVC Flexible Couplings including.


* Shear Banded Couplings,


The Green Hi-Temp / Chemically Resistant                 H.D. Shear Banded Couplings.


* Constant Tension Shear Banded Couplings


* Specialty Transition Couplings


Shear Ring Coupling flyer.pdf
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Green Coupling spec sheet.pdf
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CTSR Shear banded Coupling spec sheet.pd[...]
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Specialty Transition Coupling Spec Sheet[...]
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ZSi-Foster's Cush-A-Therm vs. Competitor's Plastic Insulation Clamp Flyer
ZF Cush-A-Therm vs. Plastic Insulation C[...]
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Georg Fischer

Corzan CPVC Pipe, Valves, & Fittings

Many Sizes and Styles

Stocked at Lindstrom & Associates

Stocking 5" Pipe, Valves, Fittings, & Hangers


Lindstrom & Associates Stocks the Following 5" products


5" Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves from Vandewater


5" Conduit J-Type Hangers

5" Swivel Ring Hangers

5" Std Duty Black Clevis Hangers

5" Std Duty Galv. Clevis Hangers

5" Black Riser Clamps

5" Galv. Riser Clamps

5" Copper Riser Clamps

5" Stanless Steel Riser Clamps

5" Galv. U-Bolts


5" DaL-Cap (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" Domestic Heavy Duty No-Hub Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" x 4" Series 02 Clay x CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" x 4" Series 56 CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" x 5" Series 56 CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

6" x 5" Series 56 CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)



Georg Fischer

Series 375 True Union Ball Valve

Range: ½” to 6” (6” Venturied)
End connectors: Solvent cement socket, Threaded NPT, & Flanged
Materials: PVC, & CPVC

Nominal pressure: 232 PSI for PVC/CPVC solvent cement socket
150 PSI for PVC/CPVC Threaded or Flanged


PVC and CPVC stocked at Lindstrom & Associates

Type 375 Data Sheet.pdf
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Georg Fischer

Series 561 & 562 True Union Cone Check

Range: 3/8" - 4"
Nominal pressure:
232 PSI (PVC, CPVC, PVDF Socket)
150 PSI (PP-H, ABS) (All Threaded & Flanged)
solvent cement socket, solvent cement spigot, fusion socket, fusion spigot, threaded socket, flange version
Materials: PVC, CPVC, ABS, PP-H, PVDF
Seals: EPDM, FPM
Spring (only type 562):
Standard: V2A (1.4301)
Option: Nimonic 90 ; Nimonic 90 Halar coated

PVC Cone Check Stocked at Lindstrom & Associates