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Union Brass Mfg

9340 Series


Cast Brass 4" Wallmount Kitchen Faucet

w/ several handle and spout configurations


9340 Series Configurations & Parts
9340 Parts Flyer complete.pdf
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9340SG Spec Sheet
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Dallas Specialty & Mfg

Specialty PVC Flexible Couplings


Dallas Specialty & Mfg in addition to Standard PVC Flexible Coupling also offers several Specialty PVC Flexible Couplings including.


* Shear Banded Couplings,


The Green Hi-Temp / Chemically Resistant                 H.D. Shear Banded Couplings.


* Constant Tension Shear Banded Couplings


* Specialty Transition Couplings


Shear Ring Coupling flyer.pdf
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Green Coupling spec sheet.pdf
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CTSR Shear banded Coupling spec sheet.pd[...]
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Specialty Transition Coupling Spec Sheet[...]
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The Cush-A-Therm™ Clamp is a fast, easy way to provide a crush-resistant airtight seal for chilled refrigeration or mechanical pipe- lines that require continuous insulation.


The rigid foam construction has an insulating tape inner lining which supports tube and absorbs vibration of operating pipelines. The outer cover consists of a special rubber coating which seals the cushion completely after installation in order to prevent condensation. Its strong closed-cell structure is ideal for liquid cooling lines to prevent condensation and save energy.

• Temperature range: -70°F to +250°F


• Maintains thermal barrier protection


• Prevents condensation


• Properly supports pipe and tube


• Absorbs vibration


• Polyurethane foam laminated with a rubber lining


• UV resistance rated as Excellent under ASTM G7


• Flammability is Self-Extinguishing under ASTM D 635


Cush-a-Therm Flyer 4-17.pdf
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Georg Fischer

Corzan CPVC Pipe, Valves, & Fittings

Many Sizes and Styles

Stocked at Lindstrom & Associates

Union Brass Mfg

Pre-Rinse Units

The Union Brass Pre-Rinse Unit is available in wallmount and single hole body styles with several handle and connection options.


Pre-Rinse Units
220 Series Specifications
220 Series Pre-Rinse Faucets.pdf
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220 Series Parts Breakdown
220 Series Pre-Rinse Faucet Parts.pdf
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Service Sink & Pre-Rinse Price Sheet
Page11 Service Sink and Pre-Rinse Units.[...]
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Black Swan Mfg.

PTFE Tapes




PTFE TAPE - LOW DENSITYCHINA - has a density of .37 g/cm3. The standard product used in the plumbing industry.


PTFE TAPE - YELLOW GAS LINE - has a density of 1.2 g/cm3. This tape is specifically formulated to be used with gas lines.


PTFE TAPE - GRAY - STAINLESS STEEL - has a density of .70 g/cm3. A heavy-duty industrial tape to be used on the highest quality jobs. This tape is specifically formulated to be used on stainless steel pipe.


PTFE TAPE - GREEN  - OXYGEN LINE has a density of .70 g/cm3. A heavy-duty industrial tape to be used on the highest quality jobs. This tape is specifically formulated to be used on oxygen lines.

Black Swan MFG

No-Hub Sealant

A sealant specially designed as a coating far cast iron pipe to improve leak-free sealing of no-hub couplings.  This high performance polymer resin compound is plastic and resists vibration and temperature change.  Ideal for lines that need to be air tested.

Conforms to MIL-S-45180D


Black Swan No-Hub Couplings and Sealant
Black Swan No-Hub Sealant
NO HUB SEALANT FLYER (1)-051814.pdf
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The Cush-A-Claw™ Grabs on to your Tube, Pipe, or Hose and holds it in place. The unique one piece patented design allows for quick, simple, and easy installation. It will not rust because it's molded from the same choice TPE Material of some of ZSI's other products that you've come to know and trust.

  • Quick, Simple, and Easy Snap-in Installation of Tube, Pipe, or Hose
  • Sure Grip Strut Base easily rotates into strut
  • Will not Rust
  • Non-conducting
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Temp Range: -50° to 275° F
  • Works Great Indoors or Outdoors
  • Seven Sizes of Tube and Three Sizes of EMT
  • Designed for Light Duty Loads and Applications
  • Prevents Galvanic Corrosion of Dissimilar Metals
  • An Excellent Alternative to Steel, Stainless Steel, or Galvanized Clamps
ZSI Cush-a-CLAW 2015.pdf
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Georg Fischer

Series 375 True Union Ball Valve

Range: ½” to 6” (6” Venturied)
End connectors: Solvent cement socket, Threaded NPT, & Flanged
Materials: PVC, & CPVC

Nominal pressure: 232 PSI for PVC/CPVC solvent cement socket
150 PSI for PVC/CPVC Threaded or Flanged


PVC and CPVC stocked at Lindstrom & Associates

Type 375 Data Sheet.pdf
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Stocking 5" Pipe, Valves, Fittings, & Hangers


Lindstrom & Associates Stocks the Following 5" products


5" Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves from Vandewater


5" Conduit J-Type Hangers

5" Swivel Ring Hangers

5" Std Duty Black Clevis Hangers

5" Std Duty Galv. Clevis Hangers

5" Black Riser Clamps

5" Galv. Riser Clamps

5" Copper Riser Clamps

5" Stanless Steel Riser Clamps

5" Galv. U-Bolts


5" DaL-Cap (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" Domestic Heavy Duty No-Hub Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" x 4" Series 02 Clay x CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" x 4" Series 56 CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

5" x 5" Series 56 CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)

6" x 5" Series 56 CI/PVC Flexible Cplg (Dallas Specialty & Mfg)


5" PVC Sch. 40 Bell-end pipe from Georg Fischer Harvel

5" PVC Sch. 80 Plain-end pipe from Georg Fischer Harvel


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Georg Fischer

Series 561 & 562 True Union Cone Check

Range: 3/8" - 4"
Nominal pressure:
232 PSI (PVC, CPVC, PVDF Socket)
150 PSI (PP-H, ABS) (All Threaded & Flanged)
solvent cement socket, solvent cement spigot, fusion socket, fusion spigot, threaded socket, flange version
Materials: PVC, CPVC, ABS, PP-H, PVDF
Seals: EPDM, FPM
Spring (only type 562):
Standard: V2A (1.4301)
Option: Nimonic 90 ; Nimonic 90 Halar coated

PVC Cone Check Stocked at Lindstrom & Associates

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The Most Complete Line of Wax Rings and Toilet Bolts
Wax Ring Flyer 03-31-16.pdf
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