Fire Protection

Vandewater International

Vandewater offers Welded Outlets in grooved & threaded, along with Steel Nipples (Black & Galvinized), Ductile Iron Fittings,

Ductile Iron Gate Valves, Swing Checks, & Y-Strainer in both Grooved & Flanged for the Fire Protection market.

Black Swan Mfg
Black Swan is a manufacturer of Chemicals and accessories, including Red One Step MB CPVC Cement, Cutting Oils, PTFE Tapes/Packing, and more.

Lindstrom Specialties

Copper Tubing including K, L, & M Lengths

Everflow Supplies

Everflow offers several items to the Fire Protection Market including Cast Iron Fittings, Malleable Iron Fittings,  Brass Gate & Ball Valves, & Ball Drip Valves.