Industrial & Commercial

ZSi-Foster / Breco

Manufacturers of Cushioned Clamping Systems (including Cush-A-Nator, Omega Series, & Alpha Series),  

Insulating Clamping Systems,  

(Cush-A-Therm, Quick-Clips)

Loop & Hose Clamps,

Cush-A-Blocks, Beta Clamp Products, Z-Clamp Products,

Gamma Pads, and Quick Disconnects

Georg Fischer

GF Piping Systems is a global supplier of plastic piping systems (Pipe, Valves, Fittings, and instrumentation) in PVC Sch. 40 & 80, CPVC Sch. 80, PVDF, and PP. ~Georgia, & Alabama~


Lindstrom Specialties

Copper tube including L, K, & Capped & Cleaned/Oxy Tubing

Everflow Supplies

Everflow offers many products for the Industrial & Commercial markets including Malleable Iron Fittings (150 & 300#), Nipples (Welded & Seamless), Brass Valves, Copper Fittings (Sweat & Press), and more.

Black Swan

Black Swan is a manufacturer of chemicals and accessories, including Cements/Primers, Cutting Oils, PTFE Tapes/Packing, Fitting Brushes and more.

Dallas Specialty & Mfg

Dallas Specialty & Mfg offers many products for the Commercial & Industrial markets including the CTSR Series of Constant Tension HD Shear Banded Repair Couplings, The  Green Coupling Hi Temp/Chemical Resitant Coupling, and More

Holyoke Fittings

Holyoke Fittings offers Brass Fittings, and more for the Industrial market.

Vandewater International

Vandewater offers

Black and Galvinized

Nipples (1/4" - 4") & Ductile

                                            Iron Valves in Butterfly, Gate, Swing Check & Y-Strainer for use in the PVF market.