Black Swan

Black Swan is a manufacturer of plumbing chemicals and accessories, including, Marble Plus Plumbers Putty, Stay Soft Putty, Tile Grout, Swan Wax gaskets, PTFE Tapes & Cord, Plumbers/Silicone Grease, Zap & One-Shot drain & waste system cleaners, tools, toilet accessories and more. 

Everflow Supplies

Everflow offers many products for the Plumbing market including PEX Tubing, PEX Fittings (LF Brass, Plastic, & F1960), Plumbing Valves, PUSHLOCK Fittings, Tubular Brass & Drains, LF Stops, LF Supply Lines, Faucets, Gas Connectors, Expansion Tanks, & much more.

Holyoke Fittings

Holyoke Fittings offers a wide line of  Brass Fittings, Ice Maker Kits, Plastic Tube Fittings, Appliance Connectors and more for the plumbing trade


Smitty Pan

Smitty Pan Mfg. is the premier supplier of aluminum water heater pans and stainless steel shower escutcheon repair plates for the plumbing industry. (Shipped by Smitty Pan)

Vandewater International

Vandewater International offers  Lavatories in pedestal, under-mount, vessel, & wall-mount varieties, and EMT Tubing

Dallas Specialty & Mfg

Dallas Specialty & Mfg offers many products for the plumbing market including DaL-DraiNs, DaL-Flanges, Perma-Gard shower pan liner, Flexible PVC Couplings, Dal-Sleeve, and more.

Lindstrom Specialties

Copper Tubing including L, M & DWV Lengths, and L Coils

Globe Pipe Hanger Products

Globe Hangers offers pipe hangers including Riser Clamps, Split Ring Hangers, C-Clamps, Shielded Hangers, Ceiling Flanges and more for the Plumbing Industry.


Manufacturers of Cushioned & Insulating Clamping Systems, Loop & Hose Clamps, the Z-Bracket and more.

Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer designs and manufactures a full range of PVC Sch. 40 & 80, CPVC Sch. 80 pipe, valves, & fittings and more.