Everflow Supplies

Everflow offers many products for the Plumbing market including PEX Tubing, PEX Fittings (LF Brass, Plastic, & F1960), Plumbing Valves, PUSHLOCK Fittings, Tubular Brass & Drains, LF Stops, LF Supply Lines, Faucets, Gas Connectors, Expansion Tanks, & much more.

Holyoke Fittings

Holyoke Fittings offers a wide line of  Brass Fittings, Ice Maker Kits, Plastic Tube Fittings, Appliance Connectors and more for the plumbing trade

Vandewater International

Vandewater International offers  Lavatories in pedestal, under-mount, vessel, & wall-mount varieties, and EMT Tubing

Dallas Specialty & Mfg

Dallas Specialty & Mfg offers many products for the plumbing market including DaL-DraiNs, DaL-Flanges, Perma-Gard shower pan liner, Flexible PVC Couplings, Dal-Sleeve, and more.


G-Strut offers Strut, Wizard Strut Accessories, & G-Force pipe hangers (Split Ring Hangers, C-Clamps, Shielded Hangers, Ceiling Flanges, Etc.) for the Plumbing Industry.


Manufacturers of Cushioned & Insulating Clamping Systems, Loop & Hose Clamps, Spring Steel Products including the Z-Bracket and more.

Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer designs and manufactures a full range of PVC Sch. 40 & 80, CPVC Sch. 80 pipe, valves, & fittings and more.