Utilities & Water Works

Dallas Specialty & Mfg

Dallas Specialty & Mfg offers many products to the Water Works & Utility market including PVC Flex Couplings, Valve & Meter Boxes,  and more.

Lindstrom Specialties

Copper Tubing including K Coils

Black Swan Mfg

Black Swan is a manufacturer of chemicals and accessories, for the Utilities market throughout the United States and in many international markets. Produces include PTFE Tapes,

Pipe Lube, Adhesive Lube, Hydraulic Cement, Marking Paint,

Detectable Marking Tape, Water Meter Keys, Probing Rods, and more.

Vandewater International

      Vandewater offers

     Black and Galvinized

     Nipples (1/4" - 4") &

   Ductile Iron Gate Valves, Swing Checks, & Y-Strainer in both Grooved, Mechanical & Flanged for use in the Utility market.                       

Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer manufactures a diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems including PVC Sch. 40 & 80 Pipe, Valves & Fittings (1/4"-24").

Holyoke Fittings

Holyoke Fittings offers Red Brass Nipples & Fittings for the Water Works market

Everflow Supplies

Everflow offers Steel Nipples,   Malleable Iron Fittings, Cleanout Plugs, Brass Valves (Ball & Gate), and more.


G-Strut manufactures and supplies Strut, Wizard Strut Accessories, & G-Force Hangers in both carbon & stainless steel.